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Diamond Alternatives


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Hello, what's a good diamond alternative? Looking on ebay, those are what I found:


Topaz: Usually blue or brown. Some colors have been treated by heat. Cost is $1 to $10 a carat. How does this compare to diamond or even cubic zirconia?


Sapphires, rubies, emeralds(corundum): All colors of the rainbow. More commonly blue, red, green. Cost is $10 to $1000 a carat but can be as little as $1 or as much as $10000! Why such a huge variance in price?


Cubic Zirconia: All colors of rainbow. Costs 10 cents to $10 a carat. Avoid "glorified" CZ sold at ripoff prices of around $100 a carat.


Real diamonds: All colors of rainbow. Usually white, yellow or brown. Cost is $100 to $500000 a carat. The record price is over $1m a carat. I am suspicious of diamonds costing under $100 a carat, why so cheap? Check ebay.

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