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Isn't $4,120/carat Considered Cheap? 28.87 Ct.


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On ebay, some seller wants $119k for it. K color, I1 clarity. Do inclusions really reduce the value to pennies to the dollar? This diamond looks vitrually white in the photo, but does have a bunch of ugly inclusions and black spots.


Also, how is this seller selling so many white and colored diamonds so cheap on ebay? Here is one example of a .59 carat for well under $100. I thought a diamond of that size would be around $2000!


I know a lady whos offering to pay $60k for an IF(and possibly D) 3 carat diamond. I have yet to find one meeting her requirements, but is she offering too much? I can get a diamond that size a few shades more yellow and SI inclusions(eye clean) for $10k(maybe even less) to $20k.


why so cheap on ebay

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A correctly graded and documented 3 carat D/IF would be a steal at $60k. The devil is in the details. A 2.99/VVS2/E wouldn’t be nearly as valuable. You would not be able to tell the difference without magnification and, even then, most people would find it difficult.


Yes, inclusions make a difference. Half carat I3’s like the one in your picture go for considerably less. $100 is not unreasonable if that’s what you want but it would not be easy to resell this at a profit.




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