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Is This Ring A Good Deal? Should I Re-set It?


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Is buying a ring just to have the diamonds put into a different setting a bad idea? I have found a ring where I LOVE the 4 c's of all the diamonds but I just dont LOVE the setting. It is a pave setting with 60 smaller diamonds that cover the band and circle the center diamond. Is $23,000 a good deal for this ring? I thought it is but I would appreciate some advice from the experts. Thanks!


Here are the details of the center diamond:


Carat- 2.07

Color- Fancy Yellow Diamond


Clarity- VVS 2


Polish/Symmetry- Excellent/Very Good


Culet- None


And here are the details of the smaller diamonds that flank the center diamond and band:


Color-Near colorless G-H

Cut- 64 round brilliant cut

Clarity- VS1-VS2


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No it would not be a good deal. You will be paying extra for stones and a mounting that you don't lilke. You can easily get a diamond that is that size and shape and clarity and color with a GIA report for alot less for the stone. Then you can put the additional dollars that you save into a mounting that you do like. We are currently finishing one up next week. I can put a picture of it when we are done with it.

On the one that you are looking at, you are probably paying $5000 for a setting you don't like.

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We'd need a little more info to answer.

Does the Fancy Yellow diamond have a GIA report?


in terms of the small white diamonds, don;t make plans for buying a pave ring and re-using the diamonds, it won't be productive.


Yes, the Fancy Yellow diamond has a GIA report. It lists the grading info I posted. Is this a deal or average price? Thank you!

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I'd really need to see the GIA report for one thing- there's a few important bits of info missing. Measurements, table and depth.


But let's say it's a well cut stone, and you've seen it and love the color.

Is $23K a fair price?


To answer that I'd need a few more bits of info:

Is this from a retail brick and mortar establishment?

Are you comfortable with them?

For the purposes of comparison, here's a necklace we have in stock now- which has smaller white diamonds set around it, so it might be a valud comparison- it is $19995 on our site.


ITEM #: R2436

18Karat 2Tone Gold Diamond Pendant



WEIGHT: 2.25ct

SHAPE: Pear Shape

COLOR: Fancy Yellow


MEASUREMENTS: 11.41 x 7.61 x 3.81 mm






GIA REPORT #: 15786568





SHAPE: Round Brilliant





18Karat 2Tone Gold


Price: $19995


Ours is SI1, the one you're considering is a VVS2. That might make it a bit more valuable- but in fancy colors, there's not the same effect as there is in Colorless.


For example, if you compare a D/SI1, with a D/VVS1, there's a HUGE price difference.

Some really well cut Fancy Yellow SI1's can go for more than a equally well cut Fancy Yellow Internally Flawless- simply because the SI1 might be closer to a Fancy Intense, and the IF might be a stone which is very close to Fancy Light Yellow- the next lighter grade.

Let's use a scale of 1-10, with 1 being almost Fancy Light Yellow, and 10 looking almost intense yellow

I feel that the color of ours is about a 7



In any case- if you're looking at the stone- how is the color?

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