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Diamonds Value If Any?


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Hi all,

I was thinking of going to the local jeweller but I am not sure what price to expect if any.


this is what I have and is it worth a visit to the jeweller?


all loose diamonds:


61 baguette diamonds that total 1.0ct.

G-H in color and SI2 clarity.


9 round diamonds that total .25ct.

G in color and SI3 clarity


102 round diamonds that total 2.0ct.

H in color and I1 clarity


10 round champagne diamonds:

two 1.5mm diamonds

four 2mm diamonds

four 3mm diamonds


what's the value for these diamonds?


Thank You

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Most stores don’t buy this kind of goods because, like you, they have no avenue to resell them. They can use them as replacement stones for repairs as need comes along but it’s going to take a store decades to use these up. This is not the sort of quality that most US makers are going to use in new manufacturing. At least around here (Denver), I would not expect you to be able to get more than about $50-$100/ct and it will be difficult to find a customer at all.


Where did you get them?



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