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Si1 Clarity


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Dear all,


Can anyone help????


I have purchased a 1.04carat diamond, G color, SI1 and when viewed from above no spots to the naked eye. However when looked from the site of the diamond I noticed 2 black spots. Isn't supposed the SI1 clarity not be visible to the naked eye?

Thank you in advanced for your answers.


P.S. I have the certificate from HRD which clarifies all the above characteristics.

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Clarity is graded from the face up position. The cutter can't change the chemical purity of the stone but one of the skills of a master cutter is to position things so that whatever IS in there has a minimum effect on the beauty of the stone when viewed in the normal face up position. It's not unusual nor is it a problem for things to become more visible when viewed from the side or from the back.


Although it's true that most SI1's don't have eye visible inclusions for most people viewing under most lighting conditions, this is a lot of qualifiers. 'Eye visible' is not one of the criteria for an SI1 grade.



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