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Diamonds Out Of Africa / Belgium ??


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I have been looking all over the search engines online for diamonds in different colors.


I've looked for pink, green, yellow diamonds - and everywhere it got me to some website. than there I've checked for prices than I saw champagne diamonds are the cheapest (and pink/green is most expensive). why is that? there is an reasonable explanation for this? those champagne are less qualitative?


Also I am wondering about those diamonds - the website got a label says they are from Israel. I know most diamonds are from Africa or Belgium. The fact the diamonds are from Israel means they might be better? please check this website and tell me if it is trustworty?




Thanks :rolleyes:

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Hi Dizze,

I can't speak for anyone else's website, but please have a look at our website, Diamonds by Lauren.

We specialize in Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds.


Of all the Natural Fancy Colors, brown is the least expensive.

The reasons? Well, that has a lot to do with people's taste....but we really LOVE brown diamonds...

Here's a ring we have with an unusual Brown Asscher Cut Diamond



In terms of where diamonds are mined, and where they are cut: most of the time, diamonds are not polished where they are mined.

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There are no diamond mines in Israel. As David points out, 'made in Israel' refers to where they were cut, not where they were mined. There are some excellent Israeli cutters but then there are also excellent cutters in India, China, Canada, Botswana, Russia and pretty much every other country on earth. There are even a few left the USA. Unfortunately, there are crappy cutters in all of those places too. It's not the cutters address that makes them skilled.


'The Israeli Diamond Industry' refers to where they are being sold. This may or may not involve local cutters.



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