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How Important Is Polish?


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I don't think you could really notice a difference between good/very good, but a very good polish does allow better transmission of light and more brilliance, but it's not a huge difference. Between very good and excellent the difference becomes more negligable.



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I would challenge anyone posting on these boards to be able to see the difference between "excellent" and "good" GIA Polish grades without a loupe. You know what, I would challenge most anyone to be able to see the difference with a loupe.


It's true that to achieve GIA's "EX" Cut grade the polish needs to be EX, or VG- but this is only one aspect of the cut grade- and one which is nearly invisible to the naked eye.

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I’m with David. Grading polish is HARD. I’ve got tons of experience, I do it with a $10,000 microscope with some very specialized lighting for this purpose, which makes it easier, but with a loupe or even the stereozoom scope in my portable lab I still find it remarkably difficult.


No duckie for me. :wacko:



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