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My E-ring ...


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Hello all,


It's been a while since I last post...but I wanted your opinion folks. My boyfriend went ahead and purchase my e-diamond with the ring in making. Here are the specs on it, tell me what you think please...experts your honest opinon as well is appreciated. Thanks a million.

GIA certified


Carat: 1.7 (Princess cut)








Shape: square, modified brilliant


Measurement: 6.39x6.16x4.67mm


Additional Info:


Polish: very good


Symmetry: good


Florence: None


Proportion: Depth:75.8%



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Congratulations. :rolleyes:


After the purchase is a bad time to be asking these questions. If you really want a thorough analysis seek out an independent appraiser when you’ve actually got the stone and completed ring to ask your questions. Online speculation about what it might be is no longer relevant and may very well be a destructive exercise.



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