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What Do You Think Of This Ring?


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Hi everyone,


I am looking at a potential purchase and wanted to get some advice as to whether or not this is a decent purchase...


The ring in question is an emerald cut 3-stone ring with a platinum band 950 Platinum. Total carat weight is 2.47 carats.


I only have the stats for the main stone (the others are .63 cts F VVS2). The main stone has an AGS report as follows:


Shape and Style: Emerald Cut

Measurements: 7.53 x 5.40 x 3.32

Weight: 1.21 cts.

Total Depth: 61.4%

Table: 72%

Crown: 10%

Girdle: Thin to Medium

Culet: Pointed

Polish: Good

Symmetry: Good


Clarity: VVS2


Color: F


Fluorescence: Inert


The purchase price for the above ring is 17K. I want to see if the cost is inline with a ring with these stones.


I appreciate any help because I'm a little nervous about the entire experience.


Thanks so much,





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Hi mheu,

In my opinion, the price is pretty high if this is not a top-of-the-line bricks and mortar retail store.

The photo you posted looks like a sample photo which rasies a red flag for me.......



for the purposes of comparison, here is a real photo of a real ring that we are offering. Here is the webpage detailing the ring

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I agree, I really dislike sample photos. It always reminds me of the photos on the menus at fast food restaurants and how they compare with what you actually get when make a purchase. Taco Johns makes an OK burrito for $1.99 but they're a far cry from what you would be expecting if you relied on that picture.



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