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Receiving The Stone You Paid For


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i just picked up the diamond engagement ring that my son bought and although the

certificate is the same as the one I saw before, how do I know if the stone is the actual one that my son picked out. It appears to be a little smaller and a bit different color.

I know that it is a rather blind item, but I want to be sure it is exactly what he purchased.

We took the diamond with no mounting to a different jeweler and they measured it and said that it was a clean, beautiful diamond with the precise measurements that I was told it had. That was before the purchase. How can he be assured that it is the identical diamond now that it is mounter in the correct setting.

What bothers me is that it took a while for the appraisal to be written and the jeweler had

the diamond all that time. Thanks in advance for any pointed to assure my son that it is the correct diamond. Any suggestions where my son can take it to be evaluated?

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