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Cushion Cut Vs Radiant Rectangular Modified


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I have currently narrowed my search to 1 of 2 diamonds. I am looking for brillance most of all and I am sure my Girlfriend will love either one. I would like to know whats a better value for my buck. I cannot Find any good quality Cushion Cuts under $15,000 and over 1.75 Carat.


The First is


1.51 Cushion Cut

D Color


Very Good Polish

Good Symmetry

No Fluorescence

Measurements 7.60/5.94/3.94mm 66.3%depth 65%table

Price $11,100


The Second is

Rectangular Modified Brillant

2.02 Carat GIA

F Color


Very Good Polish

Very Good Symmetry

No Flurescence

Extra Facet

Measurements 7.59/6.41/4.51mm 70.4%depth 64% table

Price $14,000


Any feedback would be great appreciated.

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On fancy shapes you can either get a great looking diamond or a dud. Hopefully you are looking at the stones in person and not just going by a few numbers on a piece of paper, or other wise you might end up with a weeper instead of a keeper. post-10-1207763331_thumb.jpg

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Back to the question you posed at the title of the thread... Cushion versus Radiant


Without question, you will find more radiant cut diamonds nowadays, as compared to cushion cuts.


Some of the modern cushions look just like a radiant cut with rounded corners. Below is an example in a a fancy intense yellow color




The center diamond in the ring below, is more of an old-style cushion




Which do you like better... a diamond, whose heart is clear and you can see into-like the second example?

Or, do you prefer something that has the "bucket of crushed ice" look like the yellow one I posted.


If you preferred the bucket of crushed ice look, you should consider radiant or cushion. If you like the clearer, almost step cut look, you will need to look at cushions.


I do believe a lot of people shopping on the Internet today can get misled about prices. For example, you were quoted $14,000 for a two carat F/VS2.

I do not believe that the stone would be actually available at that price... or there would be something wrong with it. I'm sure you saw the price some place, and if I was you I would consider that valid.

But speaking as someone who has been in the diamond business for many years, I can tell you that someone selling a supposedly desirable diamond for so far below market is hiding something.

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Thank you for your input. So I made the plunge. I put a depoist on the 2.02 Radiant stone and will be picking it up hopefully within the next 2 days. This stone was not found online, the Vendor was actually a Referral from a very close friend of mine where he purchased his Engagement Ring. He mentioned to me the vendor has the best pricing due to the high volume of business they conduct. I was also told that the vendor is one of the largest wholesalers in the tri-state area. I was very worried about buying this stone considering some of the replies I have received such as "Red Flag". This is a GIA Cert stone. The inclusions match the description on the cert, and the stone is not damaged in any way. I will still take your earlier advice and have the diamond appraised by someone else.


I guess I just good the deal of the Century according to so many people. Once I have the stone I will be sure to attach pics.

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