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Asscher/radiant Girdles


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I've been looking around for an asscher cut (or a radiant cut) between 1.5 and 2 carats and have noticed that almost all of them have thick to very thick girdles. Is this just something that's inherant in the cut or should I seek out one with a medium girdle?


As a secondary question, I'd be interested to hear anyone's professional opinion on the stylistic differences between asschers and radiants.


Many thanks in advance,



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post-10-1207146877_thumb.jpg post-10-1207147141_thumb.jpg Most of our asscher have a medium to slightly thick girdle but they are Royal Asscher diamonds.


The true asscher cut diamonds usually have a larger cut corner and a higher crown and smaller table than what most are calling asschers which are square emerald cuts. Also the asschers have a step cut faceting versus brilliant faceting. Check out the pictures below.

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Thank you so much for your reply. Just to be clear:


1) There is nothing inherant in the asscher cut--be it a royal asscher or otherwise--that requires an extra thick girdle, correct?


Best regards,




As an aside, do you have a preference between asscher (again, the royal or otherwise) and radiant cuts or would you care to make any stylistic observations beyond the obvious difference of the type of faceting?

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