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Gia Clarity Characteristics: Crystal Finish


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Hello - this is my very first post! :lol:


I have been looking at diamonds online and noticed some of the GIA certificates have "Clarity Characteristics: Crystal Finish". I have searched the forum and Googled and Googled, but can't find anything that definitively states what exactly "Crystal Finish" means.


I have requested a list of terms and their meanings used by the GIA to describe Clarity Characteristics and I'm currently waiting for a response.


In the meantime I'm wondering if anyone on the forum knows what "Crystal Finish" means?



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GIA grades the Clarity characteristics of the diamond as well as the Polish and Symmetry.


Clarity characteristics are listed first and are shown horizontally to the category of "Clarity Characteristics".


Polish and Symmetry are a subset under the Category of "Finish".


I have attached an example for you below:


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