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Opinions On Clarity - Si2


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I'm trying to gauge what I'm going for and I'd like some additional opinions on differences in clarity to the naked eye. I understand I need to see this for myself, but I'd like some other preferences nonetheless. Is there a great difference between VS2 through SI2 to the naked eye, generally speaking?


Thanks for any info.



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There can be a considerable difference to the eye. Besides color and clarity is the cut grade and then you have the amount of brilliance and colors coming from the diamond itself. So yes there can be large differences to the eye even between two stones graded the same exact grade.

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Most people under most lighting conditions with most stones cannot tell the difference between an IF and an SI1, even when shown two otherwise similar stones and asked to separate them. SI2 is a tossup. Sometimes there is a faceup eye visible affect without magnification and sometimes there’s not. As the stones get bigger, this borderline moves. For 0.02ct. stones, most folks have a hard time seeing an I-1 and on a 5 carat emerald cut a VS1 may very well have something that will bug you. What are you considering?


It’s worth noting that you’re not really talking about most people. You’re talking about you and your beloved. Whether you can see the difference is a much more critical issue.



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Without pictures of the actual stone, I don't think anyone can give you any meaningful evalutions. My daughter regularly can pick out inclusions with the naked eye in an SI2 clarity. I guess it depends on how sharp your eye sight is. In my opinion, if I was going to be spending in the 5 digit figure range for a ring, I would want alot more information than just a piece of paper.

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