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Look Like A Fair Price?


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Hi all,


Continuing my search - does the attached listed @ $13,300 look like a fair/good price? I see a lot of inclusions on the report, but it's still listed as SI1. I fear the price may be high only due to the GIA stamp of a approval. I'd appreciate any input from any of the experts out there! :lol:




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The price is reasonable for most markets. The rest of your question is actually more important. The right price on the wrong thing, after all, is no bargain.


Judging clarity by the amount of ink used by the plotter is a remarkably unreliable thing to do. Sometimes they over-plot, sometimes they under-plot. New pens make bigger lines than old pens, etc. Ask the seller if they've seen it and ask their opinion the clarity grade. Yes, the GIA stamp of approval costs extra and most people find it to be worth it. The usual reason is that people find the grading to be reasonably reliable. I mention this because this is exactly the what you're questioning. GIA does occasionally get things wrong but the ink test isn't a good one. First, use the expertise of the seller and second use the expertise of your own grader. If your seller doesn't know, won't discuss it with you or doesn't understand the question at all, find a different seller. This is a VERY competitive business.



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Thanks a bunch all. I've found another that I think I may like more. This one is about $2,000 less than the other and as far as I can tell, the clarity is the only difference. Does that seem like a reasonable price drop? Is the clarity change likely to be visible to the naked eye? Sorry for all the questions - Thanks!




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Seems fair.


There are certainly some good values to be found right now. It`s a buyers market and with the right timing and sources I think you could even do better.


Found this one with GIA triple Ex in the same weight and grade as the first one you listed for $900. less




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