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About To Take The Plunge...


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Like so many here I am currently checking into purchasing a loose diamond from an online retailer. I have been lurking on the forum for 3-4 months and have learned more than I ever thought I would need to know thanks to all of the great advice that is provided here.


I was checking into this particular site(James Allen) and came across this diamond that fits my budget. From what I have learned the cut of the stone is going to be the most important factor to get a real sparkle. I understand I will have to see the stone in person to make sure it has the "wow factor" that I really want.


I was wondering if there is anything that the veterans on the forum see that jumps out at them that this would just give a so-so sparkle, or would shy away for one reason or another? Do any of the inclusions give you pause? Will they be seen from the naked eye? The one in the very center is the one I am most concerned with, but if you can't see it without a loupe it's not going to bother me.


I have attached a link that allows you to view the actual diamond as well as the GIA certification. Any and all information will be greatly appreciated!



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