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Thinking About Buying This Diamond, Good Stone?


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Please comment on the specs below, looking at buying this tonight. Its from BB&B at $6500, i know the price is high but send me comments.

Round Brilliant

Measurements: 6.44 - 6.48 x 3.94 mm

Carat Weight: 1.01

Color Grade: E

Clarity Grade: SI2

Cut Grade: Excellent

Proportions: Depth: 61.0 %

Table: 57 %

Crown Angle: 34°

Crown Height: 14.5 %

Pavilion Angle: 41°

Pavilion Depth: 43.5 %

Star length: 50 %

Lower Half: 75 %

Girdle: Thin to Slightly Thick

Culet: None


Polish: Very Good

Symmetry: Very Good

Fluorescence: None

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Let me tell you one thing you are paying too high for this stone. I can sell a much better diamond for you at around $5,200. If you maybe interested feel free to conatact me and I will send you the list of diamonds I have in stock. I can provide prices like that beacuse I buy Canadian, Russian and African rough diamonds directly from the mines and we cut them and get them certified. If you are loacted in Ontario, Canada I can meet you in person.

Best Regards,

J of K Diamonds

905 455 4915


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