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Q:measurement Of The Total Cut ? ?


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hello all




i m the diamond manufacturer stay in surat(INDIA),

NOW a days facing diffficulty in marketing of my diamond .



so people i want ur need ,


how can i measure the total % cut ,like 52% crown ,40 % pavallion like that,,

as we pple only use magnification glass and forcep.



with regards

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Crown and pavilion angles are difficult to measure without some clever tools. GIA teaches people to estimate by looking at the profile view of the stone and guessing and with practice this works remarkably well but obviously it’s not terribly precise. If you’re going to be using these stats in your advertising to your clients you need to do a better job than that. If you don’t have and can’t afford the proper tools, perhaps you can make a deal with someone else in Surat who does. That’s the biggest market in the world for Sarin and OGI tech equipment. Perhaps you know someone who has one?



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