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Is This A Good Deal?


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I've been looking for a little while, and I came across this one - just curious if you all think it's a good find & worth the money. Any input would be greatly appreciated - I know there are plenty of people on here who know far more than I will about diamonds. ;)




1.6 Ct / H / VS2


Depth - 62 % , Table 56 % , Girdle TN , Fluorescence NONE, Symmetry/Polish EXCELLENT


Measurements 7.52-7.48-4.65




I've attached a copy of the certification.


Any thoughts? Thanks!


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Looks like a great deal to me, i found a 1.25 for the same price with similar specs. EGL is generally not as strict as GIA or AGS so it may be an I color, or a good SI1, but still would be a good deal. Only problem could be thin girdle with such a large stone, get it insured against chippping/cracking.

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The "cert" tells a lot about the seller.

Have they explained to you that these non GIA reports are NOT taken serioiusly by dealers themselves?

It's not simply a question of the grade being off( which it surely is, based on the price...it might be a lot more than one grade wrong as well)- it's a question of honest representation.

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What I was saying is that if you are purchasing a high quality diamond ( as seems to be your desire) it's imperitive that you stick with a properly graded stone- that means a GIA report is essential



Furthermore, there are sellers that conveniently "forget" that what they are representing as an H/VS2 is nowhere near that grade. The fact that they are using innaccurate "certs" ( GIA produces "a Report"- not a "certificate") to back up the misrepresentaion is reason enough to find a better seller ( IMO)

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No way is this a VS-2. Strangest plot I've ever seen. Connect the dots?


If this plot is accurate, it's a SI-1 at a minimum, perhaps SI-2.


I agree with David, stick with a GIA Report.

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