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0.96 Ivs2 Or 1.15 Gsi2


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Hi, we have option of taking IVS2 0.96 carat ( measurement 6.11-6.14 * 3.98 mm depth) OR GSI2 1.15 carat (measurement 6.62-6.69 *4.20mm depth) for same price. Both are I.G.I certified LEO diamonds. If you are in my shoes what would you select?


NOTE: IVS2 has all very high's for white light emission and color light emissing and scantility where as GSI2 has high, high and very high.

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Hi Jayanth If I were you I would check around at all the options out there. Leo is a multi faceted diamond being marketed through mostly chain outfits like Zales and Kays, etc.


I`ve seen the Leo in person and compared it to some of the ideal cuts we handle, and found that the traditional ideal round brilliants still have more fire and brilliance to the eye.


Not to found of the IGI reports that all the chains use. I feel that GIA or even AGS lab reports will render a more accurate diamond report.

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