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Diamonds Keep Falling Out


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Hi all. Just found this interesting site, and I immediately have a question. My engagement ring is less than a month old. My wedding band is only 8 days old. I don't have a lot of details on it...The center stone, a blue diamond, is a .63 with 18 small prong set diamonds on each side of the band. The wedding band has 40 total small prong set diamonds. The value given to me was $3800. It was purchased at Deans Diamond. My finger is very small...about a 4 3/4. When the engagement ring was sized, before I even had it on my finger, two of the small diamonds fell out and were reset. Six days after my wedding, a diamond from the wedding band went missing, and another looks as if it has shifted to me. Needless to say, I am starting to wonder about the jeweler. Their latest theory is that because it had to be sized so small, the setting "stretched" out and the diamonds are no longer secure. Does this make sense? For the amount of money we paid...I kind of expected more? Am I unreasonable?




please ignore the orange shadow on the ring...


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It is not unreasonable to expect a new ring to remain intact under normal wear conditions. They are probably correct that the problem started with the sizing and that it will be necessary to tighten and possibly reset every stone on both rings but this should be their problem, not yours. It’s usually not that difficult a job and immediately would be a good schedule. Stick to your guns. You deserve nothing less for your money.



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