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Good Value On This Princess Cut?


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Looking for an engagement ring and came across this diamond. Would really like to stay under $4,000. This one is $3,500. Does this stone provide a good value?


carat- 1.19

color- F

Calrity- SI2

length to width- 1.03

Measurements- 5.81-5.64-4.15

Depth- 73.6%

Table- 73%

Girdle- Slightly thick

Culet- None

Polish- Very Good

Symetry- Very Good

Flurescence- None

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Assuming the grading is accurate, I think you’ll find that the price is competitive. You can check by looking at the ‘find online jeweler’ link at the top of the page and looking up competitive stones. Even if you have no intention of buying online this can be a useful shopping tool for comparing prices.


The more important questions here are ones that you’ve passed over as assumed.


Who graded it? SI2, in particular, can vary dramatically and one lab’s idea of SI2 is another labs idea of I1. Using the database here again you will notice that it makes a tremendous difference in the asking price. Similarly, the difference between F and G is considerable and even more so if we include the possibility of H.


You know almost nothing about the cutting beyond that it’s probably pretty square. Have you seen it? Has the dealer? Different cutting has a profound affect on the ‘look’ of a princess. This doesn’t mean that yours is wanting, only that we, you, and possibly even the seller simply don’t know. It’s like buying a car at the auction where you’re not permitted to test drive it or even turn the engine on. You’re working with a VERY limited set of information.



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Be careful with an SI2 grade in a princess cut diamond. It may or may not be eye clean. Also it could have some inclusions that can make it easier to chip the diamond while setting. Have you seen the diamond? Did they show you any photos of it or magnified it for you?

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