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I am looking at a diamond that a feather in it and I wanted a little advise. Do you think the feather is anything to worry about? The feather is on the right sida at 3 o'clock. I was told that the "feather does not reach the girdle and will not cause any durability issues when mounting this diamond" and the diamond "faces up 100% eye clean". Can anyone confirm this? From the picture the diamond looks close to perfect. Why is it an SI2? What do you think about the value?


The specs are:

Shape: Round

.78 carat

Excellent Cut

F Color

SI2 Clarity

depth: 60.6%

table: 57%

polish: very good

symmetry: very good

girdle: medium

culet: none

fluorescense: none

measurements: 5.98*6.01*3.63

GIA Certificate

Price: $2500

See attached image of the diamond and the report.


I did find a similar diamond that does not have a feather in it but has a cloud instead. Do you think diamond 2 would be more desirable?



0.77 carat

excellent cut

E color



61% depth

57% table

very good polish

excellent symmetry

fluorescense: none

price: $2400





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