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Is This Diamond Worth 3k?


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Hey Jan,


Thank you much! I really like the image number 2.


Could you please let me know where to find that setting. I could not read your previus post really well. But, loved your suggestion!


Look forward to hearing from you, AS

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Seeing as how this thread is all about price...I'm still questioning some of these prices we are talking about....

Jan mentioned she carries such a setting- as do we-



I'd be interested if Jan feels it's a 1.01 H/VS2 is a $3000 diamond, and this type of design, made with quality diamonds and labor is a $500 ring......

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Believe it or not there are more cushions in that price range where that came from, welcome to the internet. ;) Hard to say unless you have it in front of you in how it`s going to look in real life. Saw an asscher that sounded good on paper but it looked dead in person.


$500. sounds like a good deal, you should be able to sell a bunch of those. :P

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Rather than trying to confuse the issue more, straight answers might actually help educate people reading this.

Regardless of what is supposedly being offered on the Internet... let's remember that a lot of the offerings on the Internet may not even be there when the client calls... "oops that one is sold, but we have do one for $4000..."

My questions to you as a fellow seller are:

Do you believe that a price of $3000 is correct for a well cut, 1.00 HVS 2 carat diamond?

Do you believe the type of setting we are discussing here can be purchased for $500?

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Do you prefer this asscher instead? My fiance does...but I know asschers can be tricky (especially on my 3K budget). What do you think?


Please see specs below as per GIA.


Square Emerald Cut

Measurements: 5.59 X 5.57 X 3.88 mm

Carat weight: 1.02

Color: H

Clarity Grade: SI1

Polish: Good

Symetry: Very Good

Fluorescence: None

Table: 68%

Depth: 68.9%


Comments: pinpoints, internal graining and surface are not shown


Finally, who do you think is the best online for square asschers?


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Hi Ams I like the Asscher cuts myself. Usually I look to keep the clarity in VS2 and above since the faceting may not mask certain inclusions to the eye. Altough the SI 1 you posted looks pretty nice from the photo so far.


I did happen to locate a VS2 H close to your budget at $3150. :rolleyes:

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