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Fs: Zales Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring & 14k Wedding Band


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Hi everyone, Im new on this forum. Im posting here to see if I can sell the engagement/wedding band that was returned to me during my divorce. I already tried craigslist and ebay, but had no luck on there.


I purchased the rings from Zales in September/October of 2005. I have all the receipts for the rings, and the rings still have the full insurance from Zales, as I have maintained the cleaning and check up on them every 6 months. I also had the rings appraised by a independent appraiser who is contracted with Zales here in Miami.


Here is the description of the rings: (The full detail of the rings is provided in the copy of my appraisal with pictures)


- Engagement ring: Platinum 3 stone, princess cut. G-H-I color with I clarity. 1 carat total weight. Appraised at $2860.00


- Wedding Diamond: (womens) 14K gold, 12 diamonds channel set, square, 0.4 carats each, G-H-I color with I clarity. Appraised at $430.00



I would prefer to sell the rings together as they fit nicely together as a set...but I will sell seperate if I have too.


Im asking $1500.00 shipped OBO for the set.


Please feel free to email me with any questions: wclark34@gmail.com



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