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What's Your Take On This Baby?


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Diamond Details Carat: 1.75

Shape: Princess

Cut: n/a

Color: H

Clarity: SI1

Measurements: 6.80-6.54-4.80

Depth: 73.4%

Table: 75%

Polish: Excellent

Symmetry: Very Good

Culet: None

Fluorescence: None

Girdle: Slightly Thick-Thick


Click on term for information

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Picture is not of actual diamond

Lot Number100-5538


top_nav_black_bar.gifCertification GIA


top_nav_black_bar.gifPrice $9,005.43

$8,762.04 Wire Transfer

Click for details

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Looks out of square and a too large of table to me. No picture of actual stone?? This is a stone you are buying in store? SI1's can be tricky too especially on princess cut diamonds. That one has a crystal cloud and feather. Is the crystal dark? Can it be seen with the naked eye? Price is typical for drop ship site.

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