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Engagement Ring


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Hello All,


I am looking for a engagement ring but I am confused on what to get. I want something that looks close to a diamond b/c I can't afford to buy a real one and I prefer them to colored stones. In the past purchased the Asha earrings from btd.com for my g/f and told her all about the "diamond simulant" thing, but I have read on here that don't last that long and shouldn't be used in anything that is going to be worn daily. So I read on and someone suggested white sapphire or white topaz.


Fianlly my questions is, Should I go with getting a white sapphire/topaz or another Asha or other simulant. If you could also suggest some stores to get them from.


Thanks for your help

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Everything is less durable than diamond. I would not consider Topaz to be sufficiently durable for use in a wedding ring and recommend against it as an alternative. White sapphire and CZ are both about the same durability-wise and synthetic Moissonite is slightly better. In all 3 cases you should expect to need to replace the stone every few years if it will be worn daily. Users with lifestyles that involve heavy wear will require replacement faster than more sedentary folks. The brand of CZ has no significant effect on the durability although some mountings will protect a stone better than others and being careful with it makes a big difference.


Natural white sapphire is a natural gemstone and that has a certain appeal. Personally I like this but some people don't care. It's your call.

CZ are usually the cheapest by a healthy margin although there are some brands that charge quite a bit. Done well it also tends to look the most like natural diamond.

Synthetic moissonite is the most durable. It's also the most expensive and, in my opinion, doesn't look all that diamondlike.


Pretty much any jeweler can get all three.



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It's a conflict of interest for me, as an appraiser, to be recommending particular jewelers but, like I said in my last post, most can get it. A Google search for 'white sapphire' produces over 600,000 hits. It's not likely to be the flagship item for very many dealers but choose your favorite online jeweler and ask them about it.



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