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Looking For Feedback On Sparkle N Dazzle (sndgems.com)


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Hi, friends


So I'm looking at the (potentially scary) experience of buying an engagement ring online. I currently have my heart set on a certain Gelin Abaci tension ring, which it seems www.sndgems.com has the best prices online - not to mention it's one of the very few sites where I can even find the ring.


I searched everywhere for user reviews on this site but have come up with none. The site itself looks very professional and well done, and they seem to have all the security and return policies in place, but I would just feel more confident buying from them if I could fine some user feedback.


Thanks for any help.

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Just got off the phone with a guy at www.sndgems.com , Sparkle N Dazzle, 2W 46th Street #1011, New York, NY 10036, 800-871-1066, it was very discouraging. They did not rip me off (at least not yet), but have VERY BAD COMMUNICATIONS.


I ordered a $2500 platinum chain 10 days ago for an anniversary next week, got a confirmation email then nothing. No shipping info, or charge on my card or ANYTHING. I emailed three times, called three times, and got nothing back except an automated email about receiving my email and an assurance from their answering service that they'd pass on the message. Finally, today I left a message with their service that I either needed to talk to someone who knew about the order, or cancel it. That got them to call, at which point they told me it would be 3 TO 4 MONTHS IF THEN TO SHIP THE CHAIN! Sux. I canceled. Now I'm jacked - anniversary next week! I'd been looking since last November - serious! - and had waited because I wanted to be able to return it in 30 days in case she hates it or something (also, to save up for it).


If you really don't need the ring, order it up and see what happens, I don't think you'll get robbed (don't THINK so, anyway). If you've got a schedule (like, need it within a year or so), go somewhere else.



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