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What Do You Know About Recssion Buster Diamonds??


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Hopefully, all had a pleasant weekend! I am still in the search for my perfect diamond. I came accross something I never heard of, can someone briefly educate me a bit as to what is a Rescession buster diamond. One of the retailers in New York district. Offers Recession buster diamonds and its must cheaper for what you and I would pay for our dream diamond.





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I googled it and came up with a website that is selling EGL Israel graded diamonds.



Probably not graded accurately. EGL Israel lab is know for being way off in color and clarity grade.

So basically recession buster diamonds are selling diamonds with worthless paper.

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Guys, I am not really familiar with what this company is proposing. I just came accross this while researching for mine and thought may share it with you folks. Since its all new to me, thruth is , it seems alluring for the cheaper prices if you don't want to spend much. But! its not somewhere I would ever put my money, I much rather spend where its worth:)




P.S the company for I beleive is www.Michaeljay.com (located in New York)

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I would have to agree with Jan on this one. Any company offering these "certified diamonds" without an explanation of the substandard reports they are being offered with, is not selling in a straightforward manner... and Melanie that includes the site you're looking at.....



The title is probably very apt, as you will be busting the seller's recession if you buy diamonds from them

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An interesting site. At the end of their list they have a couple of GIA graded stones and I noticed some very wonky things about them. They claim ‘excellent’ cut on several of them where the remainder of the specs clearly don’t support it (both polish and symmetry must be at least 'very good' for GIA to assign an excellent cut grade). Another claimed ‘ideal’ as the cut (a grade that GIA doesn’t use at all). Apparently they are using some grading system of their own and ignoring the one that the lab provides. What’s the point of providing GIA grading if you aren’t going to use it?



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