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Round Vs. Oval


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She is undecided between the 2 shapes. It appears the pricing is comparable between the 2 so that is not a problem. But round seems to have more to choose from. I'm in the 1 carat range.


She has small hands. Oval is better for small hands with shorter fingers? Is that true?


Thanks in advance.

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Round is one of the most popular shapes of diamonds. This shape has the maximum number of facets and is calibrated to achieve the maximum fire and brilliance.


An oval shape is close in its brilliance to the round shape, an oval offers the elegance of an elongated outline. The oval stone is a perfect choice for a detailed 3 stone setting in which the oval stone can be at the center flanked by smaller stones.


Not that the round will make the fingures look smaller, it's just that the oval gives an impression of elongation. So ideally, go for whatever that appeals aesthetically.


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