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Did I Get Jobbed?


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Hello all,

In December, I purchased what I thought was a GIA-certified round cut .90, E color, SI1, Ideal cut stone. I purchased the setting from a different jeweler and had it shipped to the stone-seller for mounting. (I know, purchasing from two jewelers is bad, but it couldn't be helped due to a time crunch and other mitigating factors). The stone-seller issued an appraisal for the total package that was approx $150 more than the combined retail price. The price for the stone separate was $3,600.


Now for my problem. The stone-seller provided me with a GIA report # on the appraisal, but did not have the certificate in hand. In fact, I never saw the certificate and went only by the statistics he gave me, which I thought were coming from the certificate. He assured me that he would mail me the certificate but, with this being March 1, I have yet to receive it. (I'm actually somewhat shocked as he is a very reputable jeweler in town.) I used the handy-dandy ReportCheck on GIA's website to find that the stone I have (assuming it is the right stone) is .90, but is an F color, SI2, VG cut.


I believe that the jeweler misrepresented the stone. I understand that grading is based on human perception, but to be off on 3 of the 4 Cs seems a bit much. I have the appraisal (embossed and signed) with the GIA #, and am wondering if there is any recourse I might pursue? I have already asked GIA for a copy of the certificate, but otherwise I have no idea where to go next.


Thanks for any help y'all can provide.

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Wow that's shady.


Did you ask the jeweler why GIA indicates this diamond is off by 3 grades lower then he claimed it was?



If you don't get a satificatory answer soon, and assuming you used a credit card, I would immediately contact your bank and start the chargeback process for fraud and provide the documents you have (the appraisal, and the GIA report check print out from the web). And I'd tell the jeweler you are charging back for fraud. If you paid by cash/check/wire, then you may have to go through the BBB, small claims court, etc.


Let us know how it pans out and good luck.

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That’s a slam dunk. This is at least a clear violation of the Uniform Commercial Code and it's quite possibly criminal. You were sold an e/si1, you got an f/si2 and you’ve got a signed statement and a 3rd party corroboration that proves it’s false.


If you want a refund you will be entitled to it … and that’s you being nice. If you are really inclined to fight about it you are entitled to a 0.90/e/si1/ideal plus all of the expenses like appraisers and attorneys fees that may be required in order to get it. Lawsuits are a pain in the ass but you’ve outlined a terrific case if you are of the mind to pursue it.


Start by asking for what you want. Refund, new stone, reimbursement for the GIA fees, etc. If you get it, good. If not, call the credit card company and the District Attorney’s office.


Keep your original documents. Provide copies to the bank, etc. Don't give the originals to anyone but your own attorney and the DA if they want to pursue criminal charges.



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