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Advice Needed: 0.5 Ct With Inclusion


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I recently stumbled upon a solitaire diamond ring with a 0.5ct, emerald diamond, nicely done. It has no certificate but comes from a reputable seller. I'd say that its color is about a G.


Here's the tricky part. It has an inclusion easily visible to the naked eye if looked at closely. It looks like a large coloured dot.


The ring is going for about $500.


GOOD DEAL? Need your advise.



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I agree with Barry, the right deal on the wrong stone is no bargain. What you describe sounds like an I2 clarity and I'm really curious how you came about the G color description. Did you really look at it under controlled lighting and compare it to known master stones? J's look like G's to an awful lot of people, especially if they think they've found a deal. Color grading is a bit tricking in the best of conditions but rose colored glasses make it considerably more difficult.


All that said, the price isn't bad for most markets. This is a tough one to shop because most of the major dealers don't sell these and the ones that do tend to misdescribe them. Check with your local dealers and see what you can find that's comparable. There's nothing wrong with buying a $500 half carater but there are going to be tradeoffs, and usually a couple of them. In your case you've traded clarity for size. Only you can decide if this is where you want to end up while remaining within your budget.



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