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I've Picked My Diamond - Thanks


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Thanks everyone. I've done a lot of reading on this site and it helped me become a better informed buyer. The problem I had was where I live (Canada), I have a limited number of diamond jewellers. A couple were helpful, but most were not. Unfortunately the helpful ones couldn't (or wouldn't) compete with prices in the US. I ended up buying a 0.92ct Princess cut, F, Ideal cut, SI1 for $3040(after discount). Original price was $3300 if I remember right. It is set in a 3 stone setting that also has 4 channel set princess cut diamonds on each side. Overall I am very happy since I counldn't have dreamed of buying something like this in Canada. Even with shipping and paying the taxes once it crossed the border, I still came out way ahead. Again, thanks everyone. I've attached a picture of the new ring.


I get it appraised tomorrow and the big day is Thursday.



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