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Need Some Help (buying Engagement)


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My girlfriend has told me what she wants and I'm ready to give it to her.


She basically wants the Tiffany Novo ring exactly, or as close as we can get without the name. I'd like to have 2 carats, or close to it, with great sparkle, shine, color and clarity.


Now I need some help.


I'm looking to spend around 15k for everything. I'd like to find one place to do it all (buying the stone and having them set it in a similar setting as the tiffany novo on a similar band) but am unsure of where to go for this.


What kind of advice would you give me? I've look at several online jewelers website, spoken to a few people but have hit some dead-ends. Do you know anybody who would be a good candidate to fill my request? How realistic is it going to be to fill mine and hers expectations within the price range?


Thanks in advance!

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