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Is This A Good Deal And Question Concerning Yehuda


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Hey everyone,


I am considering to buy a diamond that is GIA certified, I would like to know your opinion on this diamond.


It's a princess cut


As per the certificate - GIA


Carat - 1.18


Color - E

Cut - VG

Polish - VG

Dep - 79

Tab - 73

Grd - Tn-Tk

Dimension - 5.9 - 5.4 - 4.3

Sym - VG

Fluor - None


Price - $6,000


As well, I was searching online and saw this company Yehuda. I saw a diamond similar to the above one for 5,000 should I consider buying the Yehuda instead?


BTW I am in Canada, so CND prices,


Thanks for all your help

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Not on the GIA report.


Light performance can be evaluated by tools such as idealscope, aset-scope, and Brilliancescope.


Ask your Vendor if they can supply you with this type of data.

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I saw a diamond similar to the above one for 5,000 should I consider buying the Yehuda instead?


‘Similar’ is the key word here.


Yehuda makes a great product but then so does Hyundai. That’s fine and good if that’s what you want but if what you’re looking for is a Porshe, saying that they are similar because they have the same number of wheels and doors and come in the same colors is completely missing the point. A Hyundai ain’t a Porsche and painting it the right color won't make it one. Compare the Yehuda against other clarity enhanced goods. Quite a few stores offer them and will be happy to put together a deal for you. Just like natural diamonds, not all Yehuda stones are the same, even if they have similar grades. (note: Yehuda and other CE stones are not graded using the same scale as natural diamonds. A VS1-CE does not mean the same thing as a VS1)



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How much is a Ferrari worth?


Now what about a Ferrari that's smashed up, frame bent up, with water damage? Now bend the frame in shape and clean up the mold and how much is it worth now? Is it worth a mere 10% discount? I would say not.


Clarity enhanced diamonds are pretty much the very same thing in my opinion. They're sub-par diamonds that are borderline "gem grade" dressed up to be regular diamonds. Can you live with the fact it's just a smashed up restored diamond? Or if you try and sell it you'll get next to nothing for it? If so then by all means go ahead and purchase.


I don't mean to be derogatory or rude, I hope you don't take it that way. But it really bugs me when a company buys an I2 clarity garbage diamond for $1000 and cleans it up and pretends it's now VS1 and worth $6000. Is it worth $1000 or $6000? I guess it really depends where you place the value of said stone. To me it's worth no more then $1000, and to be quite honest even at that price I would not be a buyer.

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