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Where Can I Get Laser Drilling Done?


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Hi, i used the search function trying to find a REPUTABLE place that can laser drill a diamond for me, but i came up dry. Can anyone help me out? I have a 1.77/H/SI2 brilliant cut that has a couple PK's on the outer edge of the stone that i want to get lasered out, thanks guys! oh yeah, and I'm in Florida, willing to ship it out of state, but if there is a good place closer to me, that would be preferable.


EDIT: just found this place: http://www.leshem.com/treatyourdiamonds.htm

anyone have any experience w/ them?

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We do know a reputable laser drilling firm here in New York City.


Sometimes we use them to "boil" our diamonds. This is a procedure where the finished Diamond is boiled in sulfuric acid to remove exterior dirt and grime. Sometimes it is a black imperfection right at the surface, boiling in acid will remove it.


In terms of laser drilling per se, you'd really need to know that the Diamond will be improved by drilling-and only an expert can answer that question.


If you'd like to proceed, we can hook you up with the people we know here in New York City

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