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Great Experience At Friedman And Son


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I bought my engagement diamond in the late summer of 2003. My girlfriend had already told me of the perfect setting (which she had located in Pennsylvania). Earlier that summer were in NYC for a weekend and of course we had to visit the diamond district (ouch)! I would've have rather gone to a pub for a few pints than browse in any jewlery store, and all those dealers on top of each other made me cringe. I mean I wasn't going to break out the loot right there and just give her a stone to put in her pocket. I didn't want any salesperson pressuring me that day, or any day for that matter. I had really annoying experiences with numerous jewlers from all different malls and stores on Long Island. But after a 'Long as I could Delay it Lunch', we went. Now 47 is my lucky number, so I thought that was cool, and it was also the Avenue of the Americas, so I liked that too. I was very apprehensive going in & she knew it, but they just love to look at pretty stuff - gems, shoes, dresses, etc... The dealers love when a young couple wanders in I told her, and you know I'm not buying anything today - I mean guys don't browse - they hunt their target, find it for the best price (or whatever price is listed right there), and get it. The folks inside were courteous, saying hello, and may we help you? We said were looking - Duh! But No pressure after that! Let us know if you like anything. After a few minutes a nice young man approached us and asked Hows it going? He just knew I wasn't in the mood to be there, and that my girl wanted her browsing experience to be just as perfect as the stones all glittering around us. He casually questioned my girlfriend about her likes and dislikes. As he described the 4 C's of diamonds to us (knew 'em already) he showed us some stones (not rings - just stones). He spent quite some time with us too. Finally he said "Keep looking around, and if and when I was ready he'd be glad to help me again some day, even if I just wanted to look again." Thats it?! I got a mini class on stones and non-chalant yet well calculated salesmanship. I was impressed. This guy knew his stuff. He did this everyday. He could have been an old salty butcher telling me about veal chops and filet mignon, then wishing me a good day even though I bought nothing.

He knew I'd be back - and so did I.

When I secretly made the journey to Pennsylvania one afternoon to get the "Perfect 1 of a kind antique setting that she would never in her lifetime find again" I had to plan another trip to NYC to visit 47 and 6. On that late summer evening I walked in - went right up to my guy who was working another day in the life - and presented the setting I just got.

"Hey - nice setting. Real classy choice. Its going to take a big stone to fill it you know."

"What do you mean big stone?"

"Look at the space between these 4 prongs (my word here), I mean we could close them up a bit, but it would change the look of the setting and might pop out these saphires on the side."

Damn - now what am I gonna do - big stone - what am I Rockerfella?

He showed me a few different stones that would work (within my budget actually). He remembered what my girlfriend liked even better than I did, and we were there 2 months ago.

He spent some quality time with me, helping me make this very important choice. Finally I picked the one.

He took me upstairs where I watched some geologic surgeon set my stone, and polish it to a sparkling BLING!

We shook hands and I left very excited about the choice I just made. After a while I realized it was the easy one. Deciding I was going to do this in the first place was harder. And of all the things I've ever done, the night I asked her to marry me with this perfect ring was SCARY. I was fairly confident of a yes response, but I was so nervous, and anybody who knows me will tell you I don't easily become nervous. Well I got the words out - and she said yes.

I will never forget my experience in the diamond district, and I have told everyone I know to go there - even if its to browse or get an education on diamonds. They really know their stuff.


Chris from Long Island

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