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Did I Get A Good Deal?


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I bought this ring second hand a few weeks ago - i am in the U.K

The ring weighs 10 gms and is platinum with a 0.70ct diamond (brilliant eternity cut)

it was made by an Australian jeweller called Michael Hofmeyer and is a few years old

I have a diamond grading report from the ADGL (Australian Lab) - the diamond is described as F in colour & S12 Clarity with no Fluorescence. The original purchase price was $10500 (Australian Dollars) which is aprox £4500 - i assume it was so expensive due to it coming from a jewellry designer rather than a shop.

I paid just under £2000 for this ring and a matching heavy plat wedding band - i had another band made to match which cost me £1000 so roughly estimate that i paid just over £1000 for this diamond ring - it is lovely and my partner is very pleased with it and we particalrly wanted the round 3m profile bands which seem difficult to find in the UK.

Just wondered what you thought as i've never bought a diamond before or platinum for that matter!

Thanks CHI

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Although I am not an experienced person who don't have a lot of purchases but I think that is a good deal.



hi, I too have de same problem as i have no experience when dealing with diamonds..recently I bought a loose diamond which is 0.41ct, G ,S12 with excellent cut and it come with a GIA cert...i paid RM2,300.00 (im from malaysia,btw) for it together with de ring setting which is 18k white gold..now im wondering if it was a good buy or i have been overcharged :rolleyes: ..can someone please enlighten me on this. Thank you.

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I have been in the jewelry industry for the past three years and have significant experience in buying and selling diamonds. The specs of your ring look great, and the fact that GIA graded it is even better. However, I absolutely think that you were overcharged. I'm not sure where you purchased your ring from, but a comparable diamond can be as inexpensive as $700. A setting in 18k white gold shouldn't be more than $999 (depending on the diamond carat weight and quality of the diamonds, if any, in the setting). I think you were overcharged by at least a few hundred dollars. At least it wasn't a few thousand, so you made out alright.


For those of you who are wondering where I found that .41 G SI1 stone for $700, visit rokstok.com.

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