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Opinion On Diamond


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Hi all,


Please find attached the specs for the diamond I think I am going to get, let me know what you think of it from the spec and ideal-scope image. I am going to see it early next week. Can anyone give an opinion on the ideal-scope image??












Carat Weight : 1.02


Colour : G


Clarity : VS2


Certification : GIA


Photos, Videos, Cut Analysis and More! - Available On Request


Polish : Excellent


Symmetry : Very Good



Measurements : 5.62x4.49x4.06


Fluorescence : None


Total Depth : 74.2 %


Table : 69 %



Further details:



Girdle: Medium

Culet: None

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Analyzing IS images can be a bit problematic because of the differences in the way the pictures are taken and I find them more useful for comparing 2 or more stones against one another that were taken under the same circumstances but, overall that looks like it will be a nice bright stone. Let us know how it goes when you and/or your appraiser have the opportunity to see it in person.



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Please find attached some photos, and video of the diamond that I am planning on purchasing and let me know your thoughts.


There are some links to view videos online





Looks pretty good to me I should get a look at it in person early next week.









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I wasn't able to get a realistic view of the diamond. For some reason the video didn't download for me. The red images tell me nothing about how much colored light, white light or scintillation the stone has. Neither do the photo images in diffused light. Any chance of getting a light performance analysis on the stone itself?

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