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Best 2 Carat Diamond For 20k...


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Basically, I want a 2carat Round Brilliant Diamond that really sparkles and shines.


What would the criteria for cut,clarity and color be to acheive this?


My budget is 20K...


Right now I am thinking that G color, SI1, Excellent cut would fit my budget. But would that be enough to really shine and sparkle?


Or should I be looking at a better colour like F and clarity VS1 with an Ideal Cut and a smaller size like 1.75?




Any advice will be appreciated!!

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Color and clarity aren't what produce the sparkle and shine that you mention. That comes from cutting. Although superb cutting comes with a premium price associated with it, the primary pricing is done by weight/color/clarity. Start with the tool at the top of the page titled 'find online jeweler'. Look up 2.00-2.04/G/SI1 and sort the results by price by clicking on the column header. Ignore the ones that are obviously out of whack with the rest because they're probably just typos anyway and you're looking for the top 10% or so in order to get the sectacular cuts. This puts your budget in the neighborhood of $21-$22k after you pay for the stone, shipping, appraisal etc. Overbudget. Now what?


You can look for a 'bargain', you can raise your budget or you can change your parameters. Fortunately in the virtual world this is all fairly easy.


Go back to the database, drop your color to H and do the same thing. That drops you to the mid-$19k's for the stone alone. Well within budget so that solves it. Notice who the dealers are and click through to their websites. Read their terms and conditions, educational content and generally surf through the site to see what you think. Is this someone you're reasonably likely to want to do business with? If so, bookmark their homepage and move on. If not, just move on. When you find a dealer or two that you like, go through their inventory on the site itself and choose a stone. They don't all list them all here. When you find a stone that seems to fit, from a dealer that seems to be credible, you've got your benchmark. Bookmark it. This is how you will measure a bargain.


Now come back here and do the sorted G/SI1 search again and move down the list until you're within budget. Start looking for stones that seem promising. Ignore the offerings from the dealers that you've decided aren't worth your trouble and see what you can find. You will have refined your requirements a bit by now and will surely know more about cutting than you ever thought possible. It may involve an email or telephone exchange with your dealer to decide if a stone is suitable. The key is to decide what you're trading off against your benchmark to get that lower price and if that trade is acceptable to you? If you don't find what you want then you've got your answer to the bargain question. It's not there. These guys are a pretty competitive bunch and if they can get a premium for a particular stone, that's what they do. Pricing errors are few and far between so when you see one for $15k that looks like it should be $22k you can bet there's a problem. That's why your first sort was for dealer credibility. Ring 'em up and ask 'em. 'Why is this one so much cheaper?'.


Visit stores and look at stones. A bit of footwork really helps. Pay particular attention to your thoughts about colors but also have them show you the difference between well cut and poorly cut stones. In addition to using this as a self-education process, use it as an additional dealer sort. There are some first rate local stores that deserve your business and that you may want to add to your list of potential suppliers. Similarly there are some dogs and you're likely to walk away shaking your head in confusion. Get a feel for whether you can live with an H or if you're willing to pay the premium to get an F. Could you live with an SI2? If you find a store that suits you, by all means, let them make a specific offer. Also consider them for the ring itself while you're out shopping. Although the diamond tends to be where the most money happens, the ring itself and the assembly labor to set it are not irrelevant addons.



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