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I need a center stone between 1 & 1.50 and I have fallen in love with this (Judy Evans Design) Richard Krementz Bridal setting and am trying to figure out where I can find it. Can someone help me please. I hear that since Richard Krementz sold his bridal line its now owned by Armadilly. Can someone help me find this ring and the cost. Thank you



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Hi Jasmine,


I'm surprised no one replied to you regarding this ring. It looks relatively simple to make to be honest, most everyone here could probably make it. If you want a price I'll assume 0.50cts for the eng-ring and 0.30cts for the band, in Pt total weight around 10 grams, my "bid" for the job would be $5200 for the set with well made VS/F-G diamonds.


I'd probably have Danhov make it as well, it's very similar to their Meno line, they do very good pave work and are very picky with their finish which is sometimes hit and miss with some casting companies or jewelers as far as platinum goes. Platinum and palladium are both fussy metals that take extra skill to craft well.


PS - Price is based on current market value of Pt@2150/oz! Pt has been skyrocketing recently. As long as it stays under $2500/oz I'll honor the above price.




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