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Please Help Me Decide


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Hi, I am a first time buyer..I do not have much knowledge on diamonds.. Can anyone please look at the details below and tell me if the price is worth it. This is priced as $6999.99 but the IGI EST Retail Repl Value is $14,535.00.. Also I wanted to know if someday we want to sell this diamond will we get the value?


Metal: 950 Platinum <LI>Diamond Shape: Emerald Cut <LI>Diamond Weight: 1.01 ct <LI>Diamond Clarity: Very Very Slightly Included (VVS2) <LI>Diamond Color: Colorless ( D ) <LI>Ring Size: 7 - Sizeable to any size

(Costco does not provide this service)



These are the details on IGI certificate.



Measurements : 6.87 X 4.93 X 3.34 MM

Depth% : 67.7%

Table% : 56%

culet : None

Gridle : Thin/Medium

Pol/Sym : V.G/V.G

Fluor: None


Description : One Platinum ring ,Weighing in total approx 3.7DWT stamped "PT950" with Logo containing one natural Diamond detailed description above


comments: Graded prior to Mounting, Based on GIA#I6349508. This report is for insurance purposes.

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Search the database of online sellers here by clicking on the 'find online jeweler' button at the top of the page. Even if you have no intention of buying online this will give you some useful competitive prices.


No, you will not be able to get your money back on resale unless there is a significant appreciation between now and your theoretical sale. Do not go into a diamond expecting to EVER see your money back. This is not an investment, at least not in the usual financial sense.



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