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B. Russell

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Hello all!


I've been shopping over the past month for a diamond...about .65 carats Assher, SI1, G to H color, no flour., no cutlet, with appropriate proportions.


The best I've found price wise is $2287.35 from Fred Cuellar's Diamond Cutters International. I've been dealing with Dee there on both the diamond and band.


I was very positive with my experience and have come to trust Dee. Not only can the price not be beat thus far, but she has always given me sound advice, at least I think so.


Lately, however, as I've moved more towards making this a purchase I've been reading cuations online from others that I didn't knotice before. Everything from Fred being a convicted felon to questionable measurements. No one though has come out and said, hey don't buy from them...and some have said they ahd great experiences.


I've been trememdously leary about buying a diamond, and it's only getting worse when I found stuff like the above out. How can I trust anyone? I've talked with a local diamond jeweler, but their prices were ridiculous!! I mean Diamond cutters intl is quoting me $3387 for what I want, band and diamond...the local guy wants nearly $5000.


Can anyone out there help me?



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