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New To Diamonds..need Some Advice!


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I'm totally new at this engagement and diamond deal. Especially with the diamonds :] I am also new to this forum, so I apologize in advance if this is in the wrong place. We went to the jewelers today and I picked out a few rings/sets that I liked..but I'm not so sure about the price. I don't want to spend an outrageous amount because to be honest, we can't really afford it. The set that I have in mind is a Leo Diamond. I will post the general information about it. I just really want to know opinions and if you think it is worth the $4500. I don't want to spend that much on something that I won't be happy with in the end. This might seem like a stupid question to some, but I figured it was worth a try. You know you can't always believe what the salesperson says. HERE is a link to the pics of it


Leo Bridal Collection:


Shape/Cut: Round Mod. Brill. Cut*


Measurement: 5.01-5.06x3.20 MM.


Weight.52 CT(s)


Color: Near Colorless(G)


Clarity: SI(I)


Polish/Symmetry: V.Good/V.Good


Treatment: None


Description: Two 14k&Plat. rings (Approx. 6.2DWT) Cont. 10 NAT Diamonds, EST> TW 1.54 CTS; 9 round Mod Brill* at 1.02CTS. TW COL:F-G, CLA: SI(1)-S(2) I



I don't see anything about flurosence but from what i can see, it does sparkle blue. Can someone direct me towards information on where I can find out why this is truly bad?

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That’s a lovely and classic set. :rolleyes:


You’ve chosen a fairly expensive store if you’re really that price sensitive. Shop it around. For the center stone, check the link at the top of the page titled ‘find online jeweler’. Even if you have no intention of shopping online this will give you an idea of what comparable stones cost in a competitive marketplace.


Most jewelers can put together a ring similar to that one. Check out www.stuller.com and www.overnightmountings.com to see if you can find a setting that’s similar. These places are large mounting manufacturers, both are reasonably priced and both sell to most jewelry stores who can then do the required assembly. Given a Stuller model number your jeweler should be able to quote you a finished price fairly easily. There’s lots of jewelers out there, both on the street and online who would love to opportunity to earn your business on this one. Do a bit more shopping, I think you can save yourself some money.


Who said fluorescence is bad? There's a search box near the bottom left of this page where you can look up previous discussions in the forum. Fluro has been discussed quite a bit. Your blue sparkles may have more to do with the lighting environment or even what you are wearing than the fluorescence but it's easy enough to check for fluro. Put it under a black light. I'm a little surprised that the IGI report doesn't list it. Are you sure about this?



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There are a few things about the ring that bother me. First the diamonds/ diamond have an IGI lab report versus a GIA or AGS lab report, secondly the grading is general and split, SI1-2 H-I etc, and thirdly if the center diamond is .52 ct. it is cut very deeply being only 5 mm.



If I were you, I would first look for a well cut diamond with an AGS or GIA lab report and learn about cut grading on diamonds.



Also if you look around you should be able to get an ideal cut center diamond with a GIA lab report and the whole ring set with better diamonds and save at least $1000.

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