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Anyone Had Experience With Philipnoel.com Or Philip Noel Jewelry


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This company is philipnoel.com or Philip Noel Jewelers. My fiance purchased my enagagement ring from Sears 2 years ago and they can't tell me who the manufacturer is because it is no longer in their system. I came across this Philipneol.com, who has my enagagement ring but sells the ring and band as a set. They are the manufacturer of this ring, but all the phone numbers I have for this company nobody answers and they haven't responded to numerous emails I've sent them. I have spoken with someone from this company before but now nobody answers and they don't have a machine anymore. My wedding is in one month, and I am desperate to know any information about this company. So any help out there of how I can get in contact with this company or how I can find out if any Jewelers can order from this company would be very much appreciated.

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It strikes me as a bit unlikely that they are really the manufacturer of your ring. Try printing out a copy of the advertisement photo and showing it to your local jeweler or one of the internet folks who advertise here. It seems pretty clear that if this site is still in business, they aren't anxious to do business with you. There are lots of competitors who would love the opportunity to do a better job for you.



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