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Commercial Grade Diamond


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About a year ago I purchased a GIA certified diamond which I love. Recently a comment was made that it is a "commercial grade diamond" and would have no secondary market value. Is this comment true? How is one to know the difference between a commercial grade and a non commercial grade stone. I do not recall ever having a sales person use these terms when looking at stone.

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Actually, the term is nondescriptive. That is to say there is no specific gemological description.




As a general rule, department stores and mass market sellers generally carry what is known in the trade as commercial quality.




I would say that most readers of this site like this, would not be interested in purchasing such quality. I would seriously doubt that if you walk into one of these large department stores, that they will tell you that there are diamonds are of a lower grade than you would generally find a fine jewelry store. Although I suspect it might be interesting to those buyers

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I don't use terms like that and I'm pretty critical of any jeweler who does. Frankly, this sounds like sour grapes because he didn't get the sale and he's trying to disparage the jeweler who beat him out. This tells you more about the jeweler making the statement than it does about the diamond. It's correct that the secondary market for diamonds is a screwy world and most people end up losing money there but a 1.06 F/VS2/GIA is among the more saleable descriptions out there.


If you want an appraisal, get it from a professional appraiser, not some jewelry store worker who may have been selling furniture last week (and may be selling burritos tomorrow) or some shark who's promoting his own agenda instead of yours.



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