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Proof Of Grading Report


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I have gone to look at a stone. I have been gaurenteed that I will be buying a GIA graded VS1 H color stone. Should be g-vg polish and symm and decent table and depth. I am wondering if there is any way to tell (without paying for the inscription) to know that the stone you receive matches the grading report. It has been brought up by several of my peers and I have no real answer. Can anyone help me?? I want to make sure i'm getting every dollar worth of stone i'm paying for.


Thanks in advance,


BMeeks :D

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Your post is a little cryptic. By saying you are guaranteed to get something, it does not answer these questions: did you see the actual GIA report, and the actual Diamond?


If you did, where did you see them?


There are many reputable jewelry stores. Places with good reputation, and the integrity to keep it.


In all likelihood, if you walk into a fine jewelry store in your town and he has a diamond that he says is a GIA G/VS1 with a GIA report-it's likely that the diamond will match the report.

Is it an established dealer showing you this Diamond? Are you looking at the diamond in person or is it on the Internet?



GIA does have a service where they will laser inscribe a diamond and notate that on the GIA..... but the bottom line is, you really need to trust your dealer.

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Sure. Pay for an appraisal.


Actually, paying for an inscription wouldn't solve your question anyway. Matching a diamond to a lab report isn't usually all that difficult and it can be usually be done with the plotting diagram and by careful observation but it's not the root of your question anyway. In particular, 'certificate matching' is not an answer to the question as whether you're getting your money's worth. Answering that one thoughtfully and correctly is considerably more difficult.



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