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Any Advice On Where To Get A Diamond With Fluorescence


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How about asking your jeweler to show you some diamonds which have been graded with "flourescence". Place them under UV lighting (or whatever lighting dance clubs use) in a darkened room, and see if it does what you want it to do. See the article attached below for some nice pictures....






Have you considered cost effective alternatives which may produce even more psychedelic colours? See below....







All in all a rather unique request :rolleyes: Any of the experts care to chime in?




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Fluorescence is an interesting aspect of diamonds. It is frequently scorned by buyers of premium diamonds. Buyers ready to spend the money for a D/VVS1, generally don't want one with florescence-regardless of its visual impact.


I happen to love fluorescent diamonds.

It looks great in diamonds of I, J., K. L colors......


Believe it or not both pictures below are the same Diamond in different lighting. This is due to its strong blue fluorescence.

This diamond is a faint yellow diamond




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Hi! I'm looking specifically for a diamond around 1 carat with fluorescence. I want it to glow in black lights when we go out dancing at clubs. Does anyone know if there's a dealer that specializes in glowing diamonds?


I can't say I've ever heard of a shop that specializes in this but it's not a particularly unusual attribute and I would expect that pretty much any capable jeweler can get it for you. Strong fluorescence even trades at a bit of a discount.



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