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Question About Cert And Choosing Between Two


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Hi everyone,


I'm considering two diamonds from Fortunoff...


One is a 2 carat, F color, SI2, very good cut, EGL certified. I wanted a GIA cert diamond so after much haggling, Fortunoff is paying to have the diamond sent out to be certified by GIA (I want to see what they grade the clarity). Do places usually send out a diamond to be re-certified?


My other option is a GIA certified, 1.8 carat, I color, VS2, very good cut.


If GIA comes back that this is in fact a SI2 clarity, then which sounds better? I know you have to consider everything but I'm not sure if I should be more concerned with the color or the clarity.






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There are so many nuances that create a diamond price other than color and clarity. So for now, you really don't have enough info for anyone to make an educated guess and to which stone would be the better choice or deal.


Personally I would stick with a GIA graded diamond as EGL's are more or less a crap shoot on the correct color and clarity grade.


Learn more about cut grade of diamonds if possible as well. Here are a couple of websites to help.





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Thanks for the reply.


Have you heard of an EGL diamond being sent out to be certified by GIA? That's what Fortunoff is doing right now with thwt EGL diamond, wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not.


I guess I have to wait and see what GIA comes back with, huh?

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Hi everyone,


Do places usually send out a diamond to be re-certified?


Another aspect of your question involves whether it's common for sellers of diamonds to send the diamonds to alternative labs, at the request of customers (as opposed to my reference above EGL, which is generally done without the customer knowing).


I do not believe that many sellers of diamonds would send a diamond to an alternative lab at the request of a customer. Obviously Fortunoff is doing so, which is to your benefit.

But I don't think it would be considered common practice in the trade as a whole.

Furthermore, it's a ballsy move on their part.

Would you want to buy the diamonds if it came back I1?

That's why I say it's risky on their part. They can take the time, and spend the money to have the gia report done only to be left with a diamond the client does not want to buy.

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