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Help Me Find A Curved Wedding Band Please


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Hi everyone, so my fiance and I have been engaged for a little over a year now and we are getting married this june. The engagement ring I ended up pickingout has a low sitting diamond and we have been looking around for wedding bands and have had a lot of trouble.


I have listed two options below which are similar to one we found in the store. I found a natalie k wedding band which matches almost perfectly but i cant find it online.


the SKU is NK9672WE-W


Also, how much should I be paying for this ring? I was quoted 2100 which seems very expensive!!!


Can anyone find anything online which is ismilar or recommend a store in texas to go to!





Option 1


Option 2

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the advantage of a curve over a notch, is that the curve does not need to fit exactly. The ring in the photo above has a 4.15 carat center with a .71 on one side and a .70 on the other. A large ring.


Of course, a curved band will not fit exactly-there will be a little bit of a gap.

For someone who needs an exact fit, a notched band will look something like this


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